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About Endurance Financial


My name is Amanda Thompson. The name of my business, Endurance Financial, stems from my passion for pushing through challenges, to reap the long term rewards.

I have never let fear stand in my way. When I set my mind to something, I will achieve it – it’s just that simple.

Over the years, my resolve has definitely been tested but I firmly believe, if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. And with change comes new growth. I see life (and business) as a journey of growth, as you constantly have to be prepared to adapt and evolve. But that’s what keeps it interesting!
I don’t let any of my individual experiences define me – whether it’s being one of the youngest Financial Planners in a major bank, being a single mum and business owner or a marathon runner and triathlete.

Throughout my extensive career, I have consistently proven myself as a trusted and knowledgeable advisor. My client portfolio is a testament to having the versatility, encompassing businesses from diverse industries.

Whether it's guiding a new business through their first steps in wealth-building, helping a business owner secure their financial future, or assisting a seasoned entrepreneur in making strategic financial decisions, Amanda's expertise always gives their clients the confidence and assurance they need to master their wealth.
I am fortunate to have learned to combine my understanding of the financial world with a unique ability to communicate complex concepts in a clear and accessible manner.

My approach is always client-centric, and tailoring financial strategies to align with each client's unique goals and circumstances. Providing personalised solutions ensures that clients receive guidance that's not only professional but also deeply relevant to their specific needs.

I hope to have the privilege to be your guide, and equip you with the expertise you need to navigate your own financial journey with success.

My Values & Beliefs


Integrity is paramount in the financial advising profession. I also believe trust is foundational in all my advisor-client relationships, because clients rely on me as their advisor to act in their best interests. Finally, I believe it takes a commitment to honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct to maintaining that trust over the long term.

Client-Centric Focus:

As a successful financial advisor I prioritise my clients' needs and objectives above all else. I must actively listen and, understand their unique financial situations, and tailor solutions and strategies I am most certain will assist them in achieving their individual goals. By going the extra mile I can ensure clients feel valued and understood.

Expertise and Continuous Learning:

As a seasoned advisors I understand the importance of staying up-to-date with industry trends, tax laws, and financial products. Part of my role is to invest in continuous education to provide my clients with the latest and most effective strategies for wealth management and financial planning.


A successful advisor is empathetic and compassionate, recognising that financial decisions can be deeply personal and emotional. Many times I'm not just providing advise, I am providing emotional support and guidance during both prosperous and challenging times in my clients' lives.

Communication Skills:

As an experienced advisor I need to excel at explaining complex financial concepts in plain language, ensuring that my clients fully comprehend their options and decisions. Consistency is also a skill I need to assure clients are kept informed about the performance of their investments and financial plans.

Long-Term Vision:

Success in financial planning lies in a combination of short and long-term strategies for setting realistic goals, creating comprehensive financial plans, and  focusing on achieving sustainable, lasting wealth. This ensures a client's financial well-being today and for generations to come.


Endurance Financial for Financial Mentoring Services


For me, money has always been a scary concept to talk about. Amanda truly understands that it isn’t always rainbows and roses and it’s comforting to talk with someone who gets it and gets me. Having Amanda and the other women in the course has resulted in me feeling less alone in the finance world of my business.

Leah Selfe

Collectively Assist
Endurance Financial for Financial Mentoring Services


Amanda’s ability to customise a solution to my specific needs and challenges was terrific. She is an innovative thinker and a great listener, so sharing ideas and strategies was easy and rewarding. I’m in a far better space for having teamed up with her.

Paul Stuart

Dynamic Trade Solutions
Endurance Financial for Financial Mentoring Services


I was extremely fortunate to connect with Amanda 2 years ago when I had just gone through a marriage separation and needed support to navigate my finances both personally and in my business. Amanda was nothing short of incredible, empathetically caring for my needs and allowing me to feel supported and safe. Nothing was/is ever too hard.

Fiona Luca

Move with Fiona Luca
Endurance Financial for Financial Mentoring Services


Amanda is one person who when I think of, only positive words spring to mind. There's no shortage of compliments I can provide her, but there's a few choice words which do absolute justice. Absolutely recommend Amanda to no end.

Jamie Fellows

Endurance Financial for Financial Mentoring Services


Amanda goes above and beyond for her clients (of which I'm feeling grateful to be one of!) A financial planner who you can trust implicitly. You know she's got your back and I'm so excited about my financial future thanks to Amanda’s empowering support and guidance.

Karyn Harte

Endurance Financial for Financial Mentoring Services


Amanda Thompson is the most incredible woman I have come across in business. I have completed and gained enormous benefit from her Financially Fit Women course and I am now lucky enough to call her a friend, a cheerleader and a trusted member of my tribe. I cannot recommend Amanda Thompson highly enough, for the work she does within the community as well as within her industry.

Georgia Graham

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This call is an opportunity for you to ask questions and seek clarifications about the financial mentoring program.

We encourage open dialogue to ensure you fully understand how we will progress through your personalised mentoring plan, the level of commitment required, and the potential benefits you can expect.

By the end of the call, you should have a clear understanding of whether we are a good fit for your business and for your financial journey.

Based on the insights gained during the call, we will discuss how your plan can be customised to address your specific financial goals and aspirations. You'll gain clarity on the scope of the mentoring and how it aligns with your objectives.

You can also anticipate a discussion about your current financial situation and objectives. We will ask a few tough questions to make sure we understand your unique circumstances and any challenges you may be facing.

This assessment forms the basis for tailoring our mentoring program to your specific needs.
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