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Amanda Thompson is an award-winning financial planner, Ironwoman and the Founder and Director of Endurance Financial. Amanda specialises in offering strategic financial guidance for individuals and businesses with complex matters requiring more than textbook advice.

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In truth, all businesses need a little help from time to time, and Endurance Financial is no different. 

What we'd love to ask for is a bit of feedback on how we've performed, perhaps a review, and if you think we've really made a difference, a case study would mean the world to us!

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Book Your Confidential Financial Mentoring Consultation 

This call is an opportunity for you to ask questions and seek clarifications about the financial mentoring program.

We encourage open dialogue to ensure you fully understand how we will progress through your personalised mentoring plan, the level of commitment required, and the potential benefits you can expect.

By the end of the call, you should have a clear understanding of whether we are a good fit for your business and for your financial journey.

Based on the insights gained during the call, we will discuss how your plan can be customised to address your specific financial goals and aspirations. You'll gain clarity on the scope of the mentoring and how it aligns with your objectives.

You can also anticipate a discussion about your current financial situation and objectives. We will ask a few tough questions to make sure we understand your unique circumstances and any challenges you may be facing.

This assessment forms the basis for tailoring our mentoring program to your specific needs.
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